About Us

SFX INDIA LABS is an exchange platform whose prime focus is to function as a “SMART” Virtual Incubator  for entrepreneurs. It provides services and supports this initiative by facilitating a medium which functions as a

1. One stop shop for funding agencies with like-minded intentions pertaining to the specified vertical of interest to the entrepreneur.


2. Single window platform for the funding agencies to solicit or identify specific entrepreneurs who are engaged in potential future innovative businesses.


3. Medium to exchange or dialogue with experienced personal from the industry to address issues pertaining to funding, management, finance, operation etc.


4. Single window avenue for seed capital, angel investors, private equity & venture capitalists to look at lucrative ventures that are growing across various spectrum’s and understand how they need to evolve to meet expectations from the market.

What We do

SFX INDIA LABS stands to be a window for your path to success. We extend all support to start-ups incubated through us.  It is a 4 step process

Incubation Services-Ideal for early ventures who are supported by seed capital and have gone the journey themselves this far but looking at expansion and graduating from lifestyle organizations to corporate entities.


Mentoring- Addressing the marketing, HR, Legal, audit and operations of the  organization.


Networking- Conduct events that help in generating the enthusiasm for your venture by providing you the opportunity to interact with Seed Capital, Angel Investment, Venture Capital and PE Firms.


Raising Capital- Undertake case to case basis capital assistance for potential projects at various stages of the investment value chain.


SFX INDIA LABS aims to help you find the true partner whose interests and objectives are to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream!!!

Area Of Focus

  1. IT Sector: SMAC technologies including cloud based computing/applications, mobile games/applications, online shopping/booking, enterprise/IT applications/solutions, web/internet/social technologies, computer networking and infrastructure, SasS/PasS/IasS models, and any new technological advancements in computing/networking/internet/IT areas.
  2.  Domain areas: Areas of service enablement of IT relating to civil, electrical, mechanical, ecommerce ventures, logistics ventures, travel and tourism ventures, real estate, education, hospitality and biotechnology.

SFX INDIA LABS will be a virtual platform for exchanging in confidentiality the opportunities/ideas of the entrepreneur who wishes to make his dream a stupendous success!!


“Smart” Virtual Incubator

As we intend to provide a platform of exchange it is quite essential to review and guide the entrepreneur on his endeavour to become successful. It helps him address the market expectations better and also achieve the goal that has been setup.


As the growth of the organization is ongoing, the entrepreneur can always solicit participation from venture capitalists on the website at various stages of funding necessities.To get started at SFX INDIA LABS , we follow a simple Selection Process:


You may use this service to take you through the Life Cycle of your funding to ensure that the dream you imagined has been created in reality!!!



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